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Here is an instruction on how to make a booking:

First you need to select the desired dates and category
Next you need to enter your contact information.
And the credit card data (Master Card, Visa)
To finish, you must tick the consent to the booking conditions by pressing the CONFIRM BOOKING button.
Now your reservation is guaranteed. The settlement takes place by the name of the person who booked the room.
If you have special wishes, you can leave them in the box Notes or add. queries
We will be grateful if you specify the time of arrival at the hotel.
Why do I need to leave my credit card details?
– According to the rules of the hotel, all guests must enter the credit card information for the guarantee of their arrival.

**** remember that all cards are checked, and in case the card is not valid your reservation is canceled at 18:00 on the day of arrival.

What if I want to cancel my reservation?

– You can cancel your reservation 48 hours before the date of arrival and receive your full prepayment back completely. If you notify the hotel later than this date, the prepayment will not be refunded to you, as it will be difficult for the hotel to sell the room to other guests in such a short time. For example, you have a date of arrival on April 20, you can cancel your reservation before 23:59 April 17. If you paid for all accommodation, then all prepayment is returned to you, except for the cost of one night.

How can I pay for the first night?

– After confirmation by e-mail, you will receive a receipt form that you can pay in any bank in Russia. You can pay by credit card, which will need to be shown upon arrival. If you are in Moscow, you can pay in cash at the hotel.

Can I pay from a legal entity?

– The procedure for payment by legal entities differs from payment by individuals in that they pay all the expenses at once. The cancellation policy is the same as for individuals.

If I can not make a prepayment?

– Your reservation will not be guaranteed. This means that the number can be sold to anyone who wants to make a prepayment. If you make a reservation by phone for tomorrow, it is better to leave your phone number and the manager in case of sale will contact you.